CEO Message

Mohamed Motawea

Dear Parents, Students, and Members of the Al Maaref Private School Community, 

I extend my greetings to each of you as we reflect on the mission and values that underpin our esteemed institution. Established in 1995 as a pivotal component of the First Education Holding group, Al Maaref Private School has remained steadfast in its dedication to serving the diverse needs of our community and fostering the educational growth of our children. 

Our overarching vision is to cultivate intellectually adept, thoughtful, and responsible contributors to society. To achieve this, we adhere to a philosophy rooted in Islamic values, championing the acceptance of diversity, respect for the individual, and collaborative efforts—all within the framework of the rigorous standards set by the American education system. This approach has allowed us to welcome families from across the globe, aligning with the requirements of esteemed universities. 

Beyond imparting strong academic skills, we are committed to guiding our students into becoming young individuals of sound character. As educators, our commitment to this objective is evident in our academic programs, which not only adhere to high standards but also emphasize the cultivation of life skills such as perseverance and cooperation. 

I extend a warm invitation to explore Al Maaref Private School, where our focus extends beyond academic excellence to the holistic development of qualified individuals poised to navigate the challenges of the future successfully. 

Our administrators and teaching staff take pride in being professional, compassionate, and highly qualified individuals, always ready to provide assistance whenever needed. We look forward to continuing our collective journey toward educational excellence and character development. 

Thank you for being an integral part of the Al Maaref Private School community. 

Mohamed Motawea CEO FEH (UAE)
School's Director