Elementary School Curriculum


Elementary School Curriculum

The curriculum at AlMaaref school focuses on guiding young learners as they gain confidence in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Engineering.

Students develop the foundational skills for critical thinking, research, innovation, and creative exploration under the guidelines of the academically rigorous California State Common Core standards.

All teaching and learning intentionally support students' holistic development by providing opportunities to engage in purposeful learning ignited by curiosity. We encourage our students to take risks, explore to develop their skills and knowledge, and be proud of their achievements.

For a personalized learning experience for our learners, our educators provide relevant instruction in small and large groups through different formats, including class meetings, collaborative learning, research groups, and hands-on projects utilizing our Makerspace lab and the library.

We also ensure to extend experiential learning outside the classroom through field trips and community involvement. We link learning wherever possible to the national and international context and use opportunities to develop the diversity of our school community.

Subjects we offer are as follows
  • English language arts (ELA)
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Engineering
  • Art
  • Information Technology
  • French
  • Music
  • Health and physical education
KHDA aligned subjects offering UAE MOE curriculum
  • Arabic languages
  • Islamic Education
  • UAE Moral Education
  • UAE Social Studies.

Elementary School Assessment

At AMPS school, our students are assessed against age-appropriate expectations derived from the California State Common Core standards. The children sit for external benchmarking exams such as:
  • MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) Testing as required for Grades 3-9
  • GL CAT4
  • IBT and ABT for Arabic A And B
We also use various formative assessment methods daily, such as:
  • Observation
  • Questioning
  • Anecdotal notes
  • Practical activities
  • Exit tickets
  • Digital technologies

In addition, we administer mid-term and end-of-term assessments, project-based assessments, and evidence-based assessments.

The students’ assessment data is analysed and used by teachers to inform lesson planning and classroom instruction.