Parent Testimonials

Parent testimonials

اتمنى دائما التوفيق لمدرسة المعارف الخاصة وإدارتها ومدرسيها وموظفيها لما لاقيناه من حسن التعاون معنا كأولياء امور وحب اولادنا لكم. فجزاكم عنا وعن اولادنا خيرا
مع تمنياتي للجميع بالتقدم والرقي في هذه البلد الحبيب المعطاء
وائل فريد عماره

وائل فريد عماره

As we were a part of Almaaref Private School since my son Raian was in AMPS up till now (Gr.6)… I would like to recommend it hardly to those who are searching for a good school …. I love how it’s a small community and almost everyone feels like a family, from the parents to the teachers, supervisors and principles …. teachers create an amazing relationships with all kids and educate them in a creative and professional ways,  add to that the good relationships which they create with parents.

Raian Parent

We have been part of Almaaref Private School since my daughter Lareine was in Kg1. …. Now she is Gr.3. We really love the nurturing and warm environment and community that the school provides for us. The most important thing was that parents and teachers work as a team in the education and development of the children…add to that their well-qualified teachers and management.

Lareine Mother

I am Manal Amin a parent in Al Maaref Private School I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to have three of my children attend Al Maaref Private School All teachers of my children are amazing and dedicated which brings added comfort as they are truly our family My children are safe happy and healthy and love telling me about all the fun they have each day Knowing my children are in such caring hands underscores the decision to attend Al Maaref Private School.


There is a strong sense of community/family. Students are fully supported and parents are kept up to date with strong communication, which for me makes it all feel very joined up.