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Well hello and welcome to Al Maaref Private School Elementary page!


Elementary school is an exciting time when children embark upon new adventures in the world or learning. At AMPS, we value life-long learning and aim to make your child’s learning experience more engaging and exciting. As the head of section, I am looking forward to work with all stakeholders to support the wellbeing of our students and enhance their ability to apply learning in different ways.


We value communication, open channels, and feedback. Please email us on:

Elementary Principal (Grades 2-5) Suhair Bashaireh suhair.bashaireh@almaaref.ae

Elementary Personal Assistant Sireen Farok sireen.farok@almaaref.ae

Elementary Supervisor (Grades 2-3) Younes Najjar younes.najjar@almaaref.ae

Elementary Supervisor (Grades 4-5) Mohammed Mansour mohamed.mansour@almaaref.ae

Elementary Activities

Green Innovation Day

Elementary students unleashed their creativity while participating in the Green Innovation Day. Their projects addressed environmental issues of concern to them.

Character Day

What a better way to end up the Reading Week than our Character Day Parade. Here we come!

Reading Week

“The more that you read,

 the more things that you will know.

The more that you learn,

the more places you will go”.

 The Reading Week was filled with activities: volunteer to read, read with a parent, read with the principal, character day and much much more!

English Language Day

AMPS joined the United Nations in celebrating the English Language Day on Monday, April 23rd.

Wake Up Shake Up

All elementary students, teachers, and administration were energized by the morning Wake-up Shake-up activity as part of Dubai 30/30 Fitness Challenge.

Elementary Makerspace

The Elementary Makerspace is where innovation takes place around the clock. Students enjoyed planting flowers and getting the space ready to use for their creations. The Makerspace develops the maker mindset and helps preparing critical 21st century skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM/STEAM).

Mother's Day

You made our day simply PERFECT. Thank you for celebrating with us at AMPS. Happy Mother’s Day!

Spelling Bee

KEEP CALM AND SPELL IT! It’s the Spelling Bee Contest.

Cosmic Dome

Grade 2 Elementary students experienced the Cosmic Dome; a unique educational experience for students inspired from a technology originally used by NASA astronauts. The Cosmic Dome acts as a simulated spaceship that enhances STEAM engagement and innovation skills.

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